Manage axle load


TriLoad flèches calculates the axle load


In order to comply with regulations and safety rules, it is useful to manage the axle load.


TriLoad allows you to know in advance the axle load of your vehicle according to the load you are planning.



You have two approaches :



1* Get TriLoad to optimize a load :


TriLoad provides you with the loading plan and specifies the center of gravity of all loaded elements (the load).
When you fill in the physical characteristics of your vehicle, TriLoad deduces the estimated load on each axle


Depending on the result obtained, you can possibly restart the load calculation by modifying certain parameters in order to obtain a more favourable axle load…




2* Without having a loading plan calculated by TriLoad


Simply specify the load you want to place in your vehicle so that TriLoad can deduce the estimated load on each axle.


Depending on the result, you may change the position of the load to obtain a more favourable axle load…


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If useful, we help you in how to use TriLoad to define your most advantageous loads.

If necessary we integrate your loading/unloading rules, or your viewing modes, in a custom version of TriLoad. TriLoad.






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