Packsoft Name is a powerful system :

it creates the WINNING packaging SYSTEMS.



Packsoft :

1* optimizes the size of your item, creates its packagings, the palletising and the transport loading ;

2 * optimizes the use of available volumes, saves materials and costs, calculates prices ;

3* estimates the Vertical Compressive Strength, and selects the most adapted material ;

4 * creates new standard packing, or selects the best ones ;

5 * realizes great series of thorough calculations with your parameters by a single mouse click (example: simultaneous optimization of the various levels of a packaging systemt)  ;

6 * publishes richly documented packaging datasheets (views, photographs, data);

7 * communicates by files (pdf, or 'Packsoft' ones) attached to e-mail, or using Packview (free viewer) on the local or remote network ...





              ...thus Packsoft procures serious savings !







With the intuitive graphic interface ...

... you easily configure your search.


 You have many ways of optimization :

Packsoft présents expressive graphs to guide your choices.



  To carry out the optimization that you wish, you click on the diagram wich illustrates it.




You manage better the standard sizes and your stocks :



Whatever the functionality that you launch Packsoft opens an interface where you define the minimum of essential parameters, and optionally some others you could wish.





Packsoft is all that, and even more ! … with other accessible features according to several other expressives diagrams.

Moreover, if you wish the adaptation of a functionality to your specific activity : we do it !




Put yourselves in synergy with your partners

to manage your packaging & logistics projects …