Collaborative Logistics Portal





Do you have products to distribute?


Invite your partners to connect to TriLog, you will manage your distribution, at the service of your customer's recipients.









TriLog puts in synergy the partners indispensable to your distribution.

TriLog it performs import/export and EDI translation of messages between partners of your distribution. 

For dynamic storage management, you have access to the Fastock (WMS) module that interacts with TriLog.








The TriLog EDI module manages:

    • receiving orders from your customers in ORDER format to translate them into your ERP format and send them to it ;
    • sending your customers your invoices in INVOIC format from the translation of the invoices you issue for them ;
    • sending your logistics orders in HANMOV format (if necessary) ;
    • sending your transport reservations in IFCSUM format (if necessary) to your transport providers ;
    • sending your shipping notices to your customers in DESADV format ;
    • if an event occurs, sending their declaration in IFTSTA format to the designated contacts ;
    • acknowledgements of receipt from those of your recipients who issue them in RECADV format to you and possibly your customers ;
    • ...












TriLog may similarly treat :  

    • sending the stock statements of the items that concern them to your customers (in INVRPT format);
    • the transfer of your customers' sales statements to your Company (in SLSRPT format) ;
    • order proposals (in PORDER format) between your customers and you.



TriLog it presents a dashboard with the useful statuses for each contact according to its access profile : you, each of your customers, recipients, warehouses, distribution platforms, transport companies, etc.