Stocker       Fastock is adaptive ! 



Fastock has valuable strengths 




1.High performance : multi-sites, multi-customers, multi-profiles, ...

                           its dashboard reveals the actions to be taken to improve your performance ;

    2.Econome : Fastock generates a reduction in your costs, hence its ROI (return on investment) fast ;  argent
réussi   3.Improve your responsiveness in synergy with your suppliers and customers, with the reduction of errors at every link in your supply chainsynergie avec vos fournisseurs et clients, avec la réduction des erreurs à chaque maillon de votre chaine logistique ;  
     4.Pleasant to use :  
      Ergonomic : the entire system minimizes input, thanks to clever and intuitive actions ; ergonomique
utilisateurs     Customizable and easy to use : the fonctions and screens are adapted to each user profile ;  

5.Speed up your operations :

Fastock breaks down the most appropriate tasks, reducing journey times and using cost- effective methods


6.interfaceable :

Fastock interface with your other IT systems (ERP, GPAO, Commercial Management, e-commerce, etc.).

In particular Fastock works in synergy with TriLog (logistics portal & EDI).


7.Evolution with your business :

the system manages your load and can receive new modules according to changes in your activity.

Evolution spirale



Users adopt it easily :

Fastock is configured to display a view of your site from which your main operations can be triggered according to your business logic.

Experience shows that those less favourable to computerisation become enthusiastic in view of the reactivity of the system and the reduction of their tasks.

The management of user profiles, user rights, product and data flow rules are optimized for your own use !




 Managers have the desired dashboards (exportable) : Word Excel

This makes it easier for you to make the best decisions …




Your partners interact via TriLog :

They send you their shipping orders, reference catalogue updates, delivery announcements. In addition they consult the progress of their shipments, their stock content, or even the tracking of shipments …   




The administrative staff benefit from the various functions of data import/export with word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

      Administrative tasks are simplified and reduced.

    tache simplifiée


 Our advice service :Définir Mesurer Analyser Innover Controler

The supply of Fastock is always preceded by an analysis phase of your need.

We highlight possible organizational and technical arrangements to streamline the business and optimize costs.

This makes it possible to define the ‘fields of progress and profitability’.

We deduce the operating rules to apply at Fastock to take advantage of your progress deposits.






écranFastock    entrepot grande hauteur pti



The configuration :

It stems from our advice and your objectives.

The configuration results in the implementation of the agreed management rules and interfaces adapted to your context.paramétrage


 La reception :

  • Expected or spontaneous receipt ; 
  • Consumer returns ;
  • Verification of the identification, qualitative and quantitative, of the batch, … ;
  • Possible quarantine, prison, laboratory analysis, entry into stock or return supplier ;retour client
  • Manual or optimized and directed addressing ;
  • Cross-docking functionality, … 


Inventory monitoring :

  • Multi-criteria consultation (families, products, quality, etc.) ;
  • Global (multi-site/single-site) or detailed (product, series, batch, booking, etc.) view of stocks and transfers in progress (customer, order, etc.) ;Code 2 D
  • Complete traceability of all operations carried out ;
  • Operation of unitary or global management of goods in stock (status, quality, quantities, allocations/availability, etc.), ...



Supplier Management :

  • Suggestion automatique de commande des articles et articles de remplacement ;super
  • Setting up control standards ;
  • Supplier rating based on receipts (delays/defaults), etc.


 The preparation of orders :

  • Entering or importing (automatic/manual) commands ;
  • Launch (automatic/manual) of orders, unit or wave ;multi préparations
  • Preparation by reference, with pre-packing, co-packing or not ;
  • Paper or radio/voice-guided mode, with or without barcode or RFID labels ;
  • Replenishment (synchronous or “load smoothing”) of the picking addresses;


 Shipment :

  • Assignment / Decommissioning of Orders ;
  • Load optimization with TriLoad ;
  • Assignment of carriers and appointment management ;controle
  • Shipping Load Planning and Tracking ;
  • Editing of shipping documents (carrier labels, loading lists, delivery notes, etc.) ; 
  • Transport plan ;
  • Control of the load, ...



Inventories :

  • Partial (periodic or random) by families, zones, series, etc. ;bloc note
  • Complete (fiscal, double counting), ...



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 Specific features :


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