Packsoft in synergy with Engview CAD CAM

Plans of the carton maker adapted to the constraints of the item



Engview Package Designer Suite is an integrated CAD/CAM environment for structural design and prototyping of folding carton and corrugated packaging.

EngView software is established worldwide. It is widely recognized as the easiest to learn and use product- backed by reliable and responsive customer
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When you use Packsoft interfaced with Engview you get an advantageous synergy :

With the basic module of Engview (Library of resizable desings) you can design or visualize the carton maker packaging CAD. This Engview module transmits to Packsoft the useful data to generate the corresponding packaging and to publish one quite well informed and illustrated datasheet. 


If it is useful, you can optimize the size of the box with Packsoft. Then you will export the new box dimensions from Packsoft to Engview to update the box CAD plan for the use of the carton maker.



If the starting point is the design of a box size with Packsoft according to the item to pack and to the palletization to maximize (for example), you can export the suitable data from Packsoft to Engview to get the precise ECMA/FEFCO CAD plan needed to produce the box.


Engview is interfaced with Adobe Illustrator ( ).